The experience of using Varius

His success story of using the gel Varius with us has shared Natalia Rostov.

I tell you my experience of using the cream Varius. When I discovered on the leg of the protruding blue of vienna, which is very spoil the appearance, work colleagues once told me it is varicose veins, and to treat, its nearly impossible. Perhaps she envied my beautiful and lean legs. But I to these provocative statements is not become to respond, he decided to learn professional opinion of doctors and to do everything possible to cure the disease and return aesthetics to his feet.

The purchase of gel Varius

The doctor advised me of the news, which not long ago appeared in Bulgaria — gel Varius. Ordered on the website at a price . He used the instructions strictly. Already after a few days has drawn the attention, the veins protruding are not visible, and after 3 weeks the skin is smooth and practically without a vascular network. Also disappeared, and the swelling and pain for pain, that I first copied to a trivial strain on the work and heaviness after wearing shoes with heels, have disappeared and cramps during the night. As I learned from a doctor, these were all the signs of varicose veins. My experience of use Varius equal to a total of 4 weeks.

Now I continue to use the medication in advance, doing regular leg exercises with the method, Elena Malisheva, in his popular program is very recommended to combine exercises with the use of the gel. The exercises are very simple: to support the leg upward from a lying position, roll over the fields, the balls of the foot, raising on tip toes and roll from cover on the heel. The entire complex is easily to find on the internet. When the gel should be applied to the problem area a couple of times per day and before gym.

The experience of the use of Varius

Council to all of the middle Varius

The same medicine, I liked it very much. It has a pleasant texture and a mild flavor, fast brings relief to the feet, does not cause any discomfort during the application. Gel I ordered on the official website of the manufacturer of the twice already. Lucky — he received a good discount. The first time the tool, I have bought it for himself, while the second is already a mother, who had a similar problem. She also has passed the full course, and already now evident evident progress. I recently shared its experience of using the gel Varius with a friend, she has acquired the drug and been satisfied with them. Recommend to all Varius as a reliable instrument by varicose veins.