The operation in vienna in varicose veins laser

Surgery for varicose veins is justified in the absence of a positive reaction of the body waste conservative techniques. The second reason for the refusal by the conventional methods will become the acute form of the disease.

The doctor, on the basis of the results of the survey, select the optimal type of surgery.

The existing variety of surgery

the operation in vienna

In the acute form of the disease, when medically confirmed threat to the life and health of a patient, a man in the hospital. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. After its completion must be long-term the rehabilitation period. Often complications arise, then, even after completing rehabilitation, the patient is under the supervision of a physician. If the disease has been spotted in an early stage, the doctor prescribes minimally invasive operation. It is a procedure that requires a substantial violation of the integrity of the tissues.

Surgical innovative development, have been awarded the title of "surgery of one day", are famous for the lack of complications. The patient should not a couple of weeks of being in a hospital environment. The duration of the rehabilitation – 72 hours.

The list of benefits of mini-invasive operations will continue the following facts:

  • the patient should not make the general anesthesia;
  • minimum period of stay in an institution;
  • on the surface of the skin make it not more than 3 holes, which accelerates the healing of tissues;
  • surgery is not associated with the pain syndrome.

Despite the almost 100% lack of negative consequences, prior to the appointment minimally invasive surgery, the doctor performs a series of mandatory tests. Their goal is to determine how well the body port assigned to the procedure.

Mini flebectomia according to the method of Vardi

The doctor removes the vein is damaged by the surface of the skin to 3 holes. The duration of surgery varies from 30 to 50 minutes. This method of medical treatment assigns, in the presence of the following readings:

  • unnatural the position of the varicose veins of the varicose veins (the area with the lips, face, stop);
  • the patient is diagnosed with thrombophlebitis species;
  • the presence of multiple large weapons.

Still a basis for assignment operations according to the method of Vardi – the presence of a patient, nodes, located close to the skin cover.


The basis for the allocation of operations – the presence of a clear localization of the disease. The procedure is given to patients who are diagnosed with I and II stage of varicose veins. The essence of surgical intervention is the introduction into the affected vein special substance in a liquid or foam form. Once a substance is discovered inside, it is literally repair the damaged area.

Coagulation with the use of a laser

The technique is characterized by speed and the lack of pain syndrome and the ability to write a patient from the hospital after 3 hours after the completion of this operation. The essence of the procedure – impact point of the laser beam on the damaged area of vienna. Matched heat impact constitutes a small blood clot, which a few months later is replaced by connective tissue.

The task of the doctor is to have to maximum precision, you can configure the settings of the laser beam. Even a small error cause burns and subsequent necrosis of the tissues. In this regard, the laser therapy is now rarely used.

The use of radiofrequency surgery

The technique is indicated in those cases, when using the laser or any other method of recovery damaged, is not possible. The procedure is characterized by speed and minimal chance of developing complications. The list of the benefits referred to in method the doctors attribute the lack of burns and scars. Wireless described surgery produce as follows:

  • advanced ULTRASOUND vascular;
  • indicator on the skin surface of the particles, which will correspond to the impact during the procedure;
  • the patient lies down on the operating table;
  • on the surface of the skin causing the disinfectant composition;
  • perform spot vein puncture;
  • the hole is inserted a catheter that reaches up to a point, that is subject to subsequent processing;
  • is performed local anaesthesia;
  • the doctor uses a heating element, the length of which is 7 cm;
  • from the hole, removes the catheter and the heating element, after which the damaged part is restored.

All the stages are controlled by a computer. The system is in the automatic mode adjusts the temperature for optimal exposure. After 1 hour after conclusion mini-invasive procedure, patients are able to walk.

The use of a pair of

treatment of varicose veins

Chronic form of varicose veins leads to the fact that the blood vessels take on a curved shape. Use alternative techniques to minimally invasive, physically impossible. The technology with the use of a couple has a lot of advantages. The list of these walks, the minimum duration of the period of rehabilitation, the lack of side effects and burn. The last point is particularly relevant, in this case, if the physician has chosen the correct settings. Under the influence of the couple's damaged reduced.

Application of biological glue

In those cases, when to bring to normal the damaged part of vienna failed, and for the removal, not the reason, using a biological glue. The doctor produces a series of cuts, and thanks to that manages to glue the valves on the damaged area.

The choice of a type of surgery

The last word is up to the doctor, whose task is that of objective evaluation of the state of health of the patient. The doctor will inform the patient, and the destination choice in favor of a type of surgery used depends on the layout of the clinical picture. Versatile solutions here, therefore, the choice of treatment methodology man in the white coat is based on the symptoms.

The existing types of operational interventions:

The type of surgery In which cases is it justified The probability of developing complications
Biological glue It is used when the repair of the damaged part failed. Low
The use of a pair of Are used when the patient has been diagnosed with a vast network of damaged veins. The middle (the wrong choice of a doctor the characteristics of the substance, with the use that produce effects on the skin vienna).
Surgery functional The situation in which the damaged veins is too much to the surface of the skin. Minimum
Special coagulation It is used rarely. In most cases, the doctor prescribes a less traumatic operation. High the wrong way the power of the laser.
Sclerotherapy Varicose veins the door surface. Minimum
Mini flebectomia The patient is diagnosed with atypical find the affected veins. Additional operational methodology used is not possible. The average

When you select the type of surgery the doctor must make sure that the use of it sometimes more of a negative potential, which may occur after the surgery.