The doctor to treat the varicose veins of the veins

Disease regarding the veins of the legs, research and treatment with a vascular surgeon. Technical of this spectrum restricted it is not always possible to find in a normal local clinic, so often, to assign the treatment of varicose veins, you must ask for help to vascular surgeons.

The vascular surgeon is a professional who has the required knowledge, and certainly passed the certification, which has the right to diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the blood vessels. vascular surgeon, in his turn, doctor spectrum limited, that diagnostics, care and leads the prevention of varicose veins. To contact these professionals is necessary already during the first signs of the disease.

treatment of varicose veins

The doctor will help you time to take care of the initial stage of varicose veins, and will also offer the effective methods for the prevention of this disease who has inherited or acquired predisposition to its appearance. Running and varicose veins the time not turning to the right doctor, it can aggravate actively in the development of the disease, and, therefore, without surgical intervention, the treatment will be impossible.

Physician vascular surgeon takes care:

  • the dilated veins in the veins varicose;
  • the heart of the lattices;
  • congenital abnormalities of the blood vessels;
  • varicose veins pelvic;
  • venous thrombosis.

When you need to contact a specialist

It is important to be able to understand your body and feel the first signs that indicate the need to immediately consult with the vascular surgeon. Start thinking about what type of doctor treats varicose veins on the legs, it is necessary in these cases, if you have:

  1. after a long journey, appears to be a feeling of heaviness in the lower limbs;
  2. feet appears excessive swelling;
  3. the muscles periodically grabs spasm, for the most part of the night;
  4. my legs hurt and there it was, the so-called, burning sensation;
  5. notice that under the skin, you can see the vascular mesh in red or blue tones;
  6. vienna has become noticeably swell.

The presence of these symptoms is not necessarily need to see a doctor, because only a competent specialist may be able to exclude or confirm the diagnosis of varicose veins.

If the vascular surgeon has confirmed the presence of diseases of the veins, but still there is need of an operation, is that the execution of all recommendations of your doctor, you can easily get rid of the problem. The main thing – regularly to follow all the dictates.

What does a vascular surgeon

To find out which physician to speak about varicose veins in his city, it is worthwhile to understand which treatment takes place. So, doctor vascular surgeon is responsible for:

  • therapy the treatment;
  • the work of physiotherapy;
  • the adjustment of diet and lifestyle in general;
  • the therapy with the use of radio frequencies;
  • leeches.

Very often the specialist prescribed a local treatment, and should wear a special compression garment. Treatment of varicose veins very rarely, only in advanced cases, pass surgically. In the early stages of the disease, the operation can still be avoided.

Faced with the problem, and after learning that the medical treatment of varicose veins, you need to get an appointment. First, a vascular surgeon will be the initial inspection and will prescribe the research necessary that will help you to make an accurate diagnosis. To view the full extent of the disease, tests are needed of the blood.

To judge the stage of varicose veins not only on the outside of its manifestations, a vascular surgeon sends the patient to the specialists in ULTRASOUND diagnosis. Most likely, your doctor immediately give you the coordinates and the direction, where you will need to contact.

Diagnostic ULTRASOUND will help you to run the scan of vienna, to assess the state of the valves, reveal circulatory disorders and the presence of thrombosis. After receiving all the information from experts in diagnostic ULTRASOUND, the physician surgeon will be able to compose a quite complete picture of the disease and, perhaps, of avoiding the operation.

If the state of the veins is not possible to determine the ULTRASOUND, then the patient is sent the mri or procedure contrast (this takes place with the help of x-rays).

An angiologist and vascular surgery

how to cure varicose veins

Complete treatment of varicose veins very often gives positive results, not as quickly as we would like. In most of the cases occurs the necessity to adjust the treatment process. That's why it would be better to know in advance what type of doctor treats varicose veins in your city, and already with the specific specialist who will carry out and adjust the treatment completely, all the phase.

After having defined the doctor to go, you will also need to decide on which health care facility access. In the clinical generalist, there are doctors who deal with treatment of the blood vessels and pass only medication and conservative treatment of varicose veins. For the specialist you took it, you first need to visit a therapist for statement required direction.

If a doctor's visit will not bring any fruit, i.e., conservative treatment of varicose veins will not be enough, then you should contact sosudistomu surgeon.

Many do not like to stand in the long queues to the doctors, however, a time to get to a vascular surgeon or sosudistomu surgeon in normal clinical impossible. This is the case of almost all the cities are to pay medical centres, where you will be able to without problems make an appointment with the technician. The doctor will take you on the day and hour, will examine, will appoint the necessary tests and will describe the essence of the upcoming treatment.

If you are still facing the problem of varicose veins, it's not worth to postpone the visit to the specialists then. Easier to manage, with the initial stages of varicose veins, which is not yet visible to others, and to connect a surgical intervention, and perform the following removal and vein formations, which, in turn, can leave ugly marks and scars.